Albert Einstein Institute 10 m Prototype

The AEI 10 m Prototype Facility is a laboratory located in in Hannover, Germany which will host an ultra-low noise 10 m interferometer for prototyping new technology for gravitational wave detectors.


  • PhD positions in the AEI 10m Prototype

    We have openings for talented and highly motivated students to join the AEI 10m Prototype as PhD students to work on bringing the sub-SQL interferometer online and to its design sensitivity. Topics will include the design and installation of suspended optics, interferometer control, scattered light mitigation, and noise identification and suppression. The closing date for […]

  • Luise Kranzhoff completes Masters degree

    Congratulations to Luise Kranzhoff for successfully completing her masters studies! Her Masters thesis was titled “A Novel Vertical Inertial Sensor with Homodyne Quadrature Interferometer Readout” where she designed and characterised a new sensor and investigated their potential use as part of the AEI-SAS. Her thesis work was done in collaboration with the University of Birmingham […]

  • Robin Kirchhoff defends his PhD

    Robin Kirchhoff will receive his PhD after successfully defending his PhD thesis titled “Implementation of an active seismic isolation system for the AEI 10 m Prototype”. Robin’s work was centred around the implementation of active control schemes to seismically isolate the pre-isolation platforms in the 10 m Prototype and how they can be optimised to […]